Planting Nutrition - A Gardening Curriculum

Carefully read the enclosed home study text. Please complete and return this quiz to the YFCI office or your monitor within two (2) weeks of receipt.
Answer all questions. This is a will complete two (2) hours of CACFP training.

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1. Circle or highlight the best answer - Recent studies show that children who participate in gardening activities:
2. Name 4 things children learn from planting fruit or vegetable seeds
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3. * Who is responsible for the White House Kitchen Garden?
4. * What seed usually sprouts 3-4 days after planting:
5. * What seed is easy for little hands to hold?
6. * Complete the following sentence: Getting Dirty is
7. * Describe how you would involve older children in your gardening activities:
8. Describe 3 ways you enhance science and math through planting activities. Use the ideas on page 3 or share something you do:
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9. * Which of the following are the correct steps for growing edible sprouts:

A. Soak seeds overnight in a jar covered with cheesecloth
B. Don't ever drain the water
C. Place the jar in sunlight for a few hours a day
10. When planting seeds in containers, it's important to make sure the container has drainage holes to prevent the seeds from rotting.
True False
11. What are 3 containers easily recycled for starting seeds indoors?
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12. * Pick one activity from page 4 or 5. Describe how you will use in your child care.
13. * How will you use the activity to encourage children to try a new food?
14. When preparing children to garden outdoors, what are 3 important safety steps to consider?
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15. * What kinds of fertilizers and pest control methods are safest for children?
16. * What are good "ingredients" for making compost?
17. Lead dust can be dangerous to young children. What are 4 ways to reduce the risk to children of lead in soil?
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18. Our growing season begins in early spring and ends in mid fall.
18.A * What is a plant that prefers cooler temperatures?
18.B * What is a plant the loves the hot summer?
18.C * What plant can you harvest into mid fall?
19. Describe 2 ways that you will liven up your meals with vegetables and fruits. Use the 10 tips ideas or share your favorites:
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