Food Allergies and Food Intolerances

Carefully read the enclosed home study text. Please complete and return this quiz to the YFCI office or your monitor within two (2) weeks of receipt.

Answer all questions. This is a required two (2) hour CACFP training.

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1. * What is food allergy?
2. * How is someone exposed to a food that causes allergy?
3. What are the symptoms of food allergy?
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4. * What is anaphylaxis?
5. * Anaphylaxis caused by an allergic reaction to certain food is highly
6. What are two signs of anaphylaxis?
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7. What are the common foods that cause an allergic reaction in infants and children?
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8. What are the common foods that cause an allergic reaction in adults?
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9. * What foods can children outgrow being allergic to?
10. * What is oral allergy syndrome?
11. * What is a common allergy in infants?
12. * Infants who are breastfed have a lower risk of developing a milk allergy than those who are formula fed.
True False
13. * Researchers don’t fully understand why some babies develop a milk allergy and others don’t.
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14. * Describe the difference between rapid onset of milk allergy symptoms and slower onset milk allergy symptoms in infants.
15. Once a milk allergy is diagnosed in an infant what are the choices for a infant being fed formula?
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16. * Which of the above infant formulas does not require a medical statement for Yours for Children?
17. * Advise a parent to talk with their doctor before changing a babies diet to prevent food allergy.
True False
18. What are recommendations for introducing solid foods to infants concerning food allergies?
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19.* What are 2 differences between food allergy and food intolerance?
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20. * What causes lactose intolerance?
21. * What is Celiac disease?
22. * Why is it important to read food labels?
23. * What simple step can help keep allergens from the environment?
24. * What are 2 food label/ingredients listed on page 9 that you would not have known to contain potential allergens?
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25. * Name 2 ways a child might describe an allergic reaction:
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26. * What are your responsibilities for providing medical documentation of food allergy or intolerance to the Yours for Children office?
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