Food Storage Quiz

Carefully read the enclosed home study text. Please complete and return this quiz to the YFCI office or your monitor within two (2) weeks of receipt.

Answer all questions. This is a required two (2) hour CACFP training.

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1. * Safe handling of food begins with shopping. Choose one of the bulleted points on page one of the text and describe how you accomplish the recommendation.
2. * What is the temperature range where harmful bacteria grow rapidly?
3. * When shopping, how long can perishable food be out of the refrigerator?
4. * Perishable foods, also known as potentially hazardous foods, are usually moist and low in acid.
True False
5. * If a cooked egg has 200 bacteria cells and the is allowed to sit at room temperature for 2 hours, how many bacteria cells may then be present?
6. * Neither refrigerator nor freezer temperatures kill bacteria in food.
True False
7. * Where is the best location to keep your refrigerator thermometer?
Answer questions 8—20 using the cold storage recommendations. How long may you store the following in your refrigerator:
8. * Hard cooked eggs?
9. * Opened liquid egg substitute?
10. * Homemade tuna salad?
11. * Store cooked convenience foods?
12. * Opened package of lunch meat?
13. * Ground turkey?
14. * Smoked breakfast sausage?
15. * Uncooked pork chops?
16. * Fresh haddock?
17. * Cottage cheese?
18. * Baked muffins?
19. * Cantaloupe melon?
20. * Cucumbers?
Answer questions 21-28 using the cold storage recommendations. How long the following may be stored in your freezer:
21. * Fresh eggs in shell?
22. * Vegetable soup?
23. * Ham, fully cooked?
24. * Frozen casserole?
25. * Gravy?
26. * Chicken nuggets?
27. * Cheddar cheese?
28. * Apples or green beans?
29. * Where should you store fresh potatoes or winter squash?
30. * How far off the floor must canned, jarred, or packaged non-perishable foods be stored?
31. * Never store food under your kitchen sink.
True False
32. * What is the recommended shelf storage time for juice boxes?
33. * What does a “sell by” date on a product mean?
34. * Do not use infant formula or baby food after the “use by” date.
True False
35. * How do you store bottles of breast milk a mother provides?
36. What are three ways you can be prepared to keep food safe during a power outage?
36.1 *
36.2 *
36.3 *
37. * If the power goes out, what is the longest amount of time your refrigerated food is kept cold?
38. * If the power goes out, how long will a full freezer keep food frozen?
39. * Once power is restored, describe one food safety precaution you need to take.
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