What's New in Food Safety

Carefully read the enclosed home study text. Please complete and return this quiz to the YFCI office or your monitor within two (2) weeks of receipt.

Answer all questions. This is a required two (2) hour CACFP training.

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1. * The Center for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that ______________ people get sick each year from foodborne illness.
2. * How many known pathogens cause illness?
3. * What is the most common cause of foodborne illness in the United States and why?
4. Salmonella bacteria can be found on many types of food including:
4A. *
4B. *
4C. *
4D. *
5. * What is one reason salmonella bacteria is hard to control?
6. * What age group are most likely to suffer from salmonellosis?
7. * What places are most at risk for an outbreak of C. perfringens?
8. * What foods pose the most risk for Campylobacter infection?
9. Give example of 2 foods that may contain staphylococcus (staph) bacteria.
9A. *
9B. *
10. * Can staph toxins be destroyed by cooking?
11. Give example of 2 foods that may contain E. coli 0157.
11A. *
11B. *
12. * What should pregnant women not do because of the risk of toxoplasmosis?
13. * Why is listeria so dangerous?
14. * Why does foodborne illness continue to be a problem?
15. * What is the range of time between eating a contaminated food and the onset of illness?
16. * What bacteria is most associated with hospitalization and death?
17. * Why is it important to keep children from handling pet food?
18. We handle food in the following steps:
18A. *
18B. *
18C. *
18D. *
18E. *
18F. *
19. Name the four rules of food safety at home and give an example of how to meet the rule:
19A. *
19A. Example *
19B. *
19B. Example *
19C. *
19C. Example *
19D. *
19D. Example *
20. * What are the temperatures that put food in the "Danger Zone"?
21. * What is the maximum time that perishable foods may be left in danger zone temperatures?
22. * What is one way to make sure you buy safe fruits and vegetables from the store?
23. What are the 3 steps for washing fruits and vegetables at home?
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