What's on Your Plate?

Carefully read the enclosed home study text. Please complete and return this quiz to the YFCI office or your monitor within two (2) weeks of receipt.

Answer all questions. This is a will complete two (2) hours of nutrition training.

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1. * Snack-sized portions of produce can cost about _____________ than snack-size
portions of foods like crackers.
2. * Potatoes are an affordable source of potassium.
True False
3. * What do fruits add to your plate?
4. * What does the color of bread mean?
5. * Go _________ with protein.
6. * Describe one way you will encourage children to eat vegetables:
7. * What is a cost saving tip when purchasing vegetables and fruits?
8. * Describe a way to have fun with fruit. Use the ideas on page 3 or tell us your own
9. * Name 2 ways you can get people used to eating whole grain foods.
9A. *
9B. *
10. * If you were to make the rice bowls described on page 4, what ways might you change
the additional foods?
11. * Most children, age 2 years and older, do not get enough variety of protein foods.
True False
12. * What makes eggs a terrific source of protein?
13. * When children consume milk and dairy products, they often have healthier diets
than those who don't.
True False
14. * Most children age 4 years and older:
Consume plenty of milk and dairy foods. Do not consume enough milk and dairy foods.
15. * Describe a way the you can encourage children to drink more milk.
16. * Describe a different way you can serve milk from what you normally do.
17. * How do we recommend you check the portions sizes you serve children?
18. * How much larger is the average dinner plate in 2009 than in 1980?
19. * How can you involve children in menu planning?
20. * Research shows that foods closer to their natural state, not overly processed are
21. * Describe one way to plan meals that look and taste good.
22. What are 2 ways you plan your food shopping:
22A. *
22B. *
23. * How is the "Meal Planning Worksheet" helpful.
24. * After reviewing 10 Tips Eating Better on a Budget, describe how you do, or will, use one.
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